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Skip Review Requests and Automatic Handbook Migration Coming Soon
Skip Review Requests and Automatic Handbook Migration Coming Soon

Thank U, next: Skip Review Requests to stay focused

Now when you're included on a Review that's not relevant to you, you can easily skip the notification to remain focused on your highest priorities. The requester will be notified that you skipped the Review.

Handbook migration coming soon

We'll soon be migrating your Handbooks to the new powered-up folders! We've designed this migration for minimum impact on your existing workflows and documentation in Almanac. At a high level, this migration means:

  1. Handbooks will become folders and live in All Files. You won't lose any of your docs.
  2. You can access your newly converted folders in a handbook view just by clicking into your folder. All of your handbook personalization will be migrated and presented in the handbook view.
  3. If you have non-cascading permissions in your handbooks, you will have a chance to configure your permission prior to migration.

Quality of Life

  • We've fixed an issue where images would occasionally not import properly when importing .docx files
  • We've increased the maximum file size for imported docx, html, and md files
  • You can now select a document emoji from your All Files view 🤩
Format your feedback with comment text styling
Format your feedback with comment text styling

Comments and feedback with bullets and bold and italics, oh my!

Now when providing Review feedback or adding a comment to a document, you will be able to use bullet points and text styling to get your point across clearly and concisely. Try adding a comment or responding to a Review request to see the new ways to power up your feedback ⭐️

Quality of life

  • We fixed a bug that caused user avatars to still show up as present in a document when they have left the doc. This could also cause duplicate user avatars to display.
  • We will now close any open Reviews on a Layer when the Layer is deleted.
  • We fixed a bug with our folder access Slack notifications that caused an error to occasionally display in the notification.
  • We've improved the experience for opening a layer while having a folder open in the left sidebar to ensure your context always stays the same.
  • We've fixed a bug where invited users would have to go through the full registration flow when invited to a Workspace that had an apostrophe in its name.
In-Doc Voting and an Improved Review View
In-Doc Voting and an Improved Review View

Vote-by-doc now available

Poll your team on different proposals, unify your "+1s" for easy sorting... the possibilities are endless with our brand new Vote List! Vote Lists can be added to your documents today via the toolbar or / menu. Once your list has been voted on, you can easy sort the list to bring the best ideas to the top.

Improved reviews cards

We've updated your view on Reviews as both a requester and recipient to always provide a clear view into any state your Review Request may be in. Check out the new look today by starting a Review or Approval Request on your documents!

Quality of life

We fixed a bug where public documents where requiring a password when shared in certain cases

We've updated your experience for using keyboard controls in a comment or task

  • Enter or ⌘ + Enter will always create / update the Task or Comment
  • Shift + Enter will add a new line or new list item when you are inside a list

Bug Fixes
Bug Fixes

No one likes bugs in their software, so this week we shipped a bunch of fixes to get rid of the most annoying ones:

  • We've updated the document activity behavior for when a Layer has been merged. Now, when clicking on a history event where a Layer was merged, you will see the diff view of the document changes from the layer.
  • We've made improvements to document Clean Up mode to include all comments from before and during a Review.
  • We've added the ability to complete all tasks and resolve all comments in one action in Clean Up mode.
  • We've fixed a bug where the file name menu bar would stay open while typing in a document. It will now only display when clicked or hovered on.
  • We've added tooltips to the document toolbar buttons to provide more context on the actions and their keyboard shortcuts.
  • We've fixed a bug where the enter key was no longer usable for selecting items in the @​ menu.
  • We've fixed a bug where the document emoji was occasionally uncentered with the document title.

Marvelous mentions and new Reviews filters
Marvelous mentions and new Reviews filters

Mentions are better than ever with customizable cards and frame previews

Now when mentioning another document or person within a document, you can create dynamic views on this information. Add custom backgrounds, include a full glimpse into a related document, and so much more. You can easily switch back and forth between mentioning a document inline as text or giving it some visual zest as a card or frame view. Try it out today using the @ menu!

Recently-ended reviews

You can now filter your Reviews to see those that recently ended in the past week, helping you to easily access any you may have just missed or quickly navigate to the latest doc you sent out for your peers' feedback.

Quality of life

  • We've fixed a bug where users with email addresses that contain special characters would receive incorrect password reset links.
  • The Reviews counter in your left sidebar will now always match the correct number of outstanding Reviews you have.
  • We've simplified your options when copying a document and the naming convention of copied documents.
  • We've improved the experience for checking if a URL is valid when creating a Review on a document outside of Almanac.