Welcome to the future of decision-making.
Almanac is a tool to make decisions in documents. That means fewer meetings and more transparency.
Almanac doc editor
1. Discuss
Generate ideas and solutions together.
Collaborate with your team in real time to generate solutions and build your way forward.
Almanac Inbox notifications hub
Inbox that aggregates all of your collaboration notifications
Real-time editing
Threaded commenting
Assign tasks with due dates & automated reminders
Activity feed to see what's changed over time
2. Draft
Create a proposal in a doc.
Customize your doc to make your ideas shine with all the formatting you expect from a true document editor.
Dynamic embeds with 15+ integrations
Rich text formatting
Custom fonts
Bi-directional links
Real-time editing
Almanac document version control
3. decide
Make decisions with structure and transparency.
Request reviews from in your doc editor
Reviews are a structured way of asking for feedback and getting approvals. No more Slack threads or endless email chains without a decision.
Ask for feedback through Reviews
Request formal approvals
View collaboration analytics
Track changes on Layers
Lock versions so edits aren't made in the wrong place
4. Deliver
Implement your decisions in shared docs.
Document your decisions so the right people can find them at the right time, in just one click.
Organize docs in folders
Share docs with read receipts
Attach searchable metadata to docs for easy discovery and organization.
One-click sharing to groups
Export as PDFs, HTML, or Markdown.
Sharing docs in Almanac
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