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Almanac doc editor
Finally—a modern doc editor.
Almanac is built to replace Microsoft Office and Google Docs, and do so much more.
Almanac doc editor
Dynamic embeds with 15+ integrations
Rich text formatting
Document analytics
Custom fonts
Bi-directional links
Threaded commenting
Real-time editing
Make suggestions and revisions on linked versions.
Enable your team to make suggestions and changes without editing the main document.
Make connected versions of docs to make edits
Merge versions together for easy management
Compare versions against each other
Track character-by-character changes
Almanac document version control
Request feedback & approvals without leaving your doc.
Request reviews from in your doc editor
Get feedback on your ideas and sign-off from relevant stakeholders–all with transparent analytics on who has done what.
Ask for feedback through Reviews
Request formal approval
Share with Read Receipts
Activity feed to see what's changed over time
Bring all your work together in collaborative handbooks.
Organize all your institutional knowledge in easy-to-use handbooks that keep your team on the same page.
Easily add and change docs
Bulk change permissions to handbook docs
Customize with your logo, icon, fonts, and theme.
Choose your own subdomain
Keep private or publish to the web
Company Handbook Wiki
Stay on top of all your work.
Almanac Inbox notifications hub
Have all the context you need to take action without leaving your workspace.
Inbox that aggregates all of your collaboration notifications
Custom workspace landing pages so everyone on your team sees the same thing
Properties + Search to help you tag and find what you need
Bulk import so everything is in Almanac
Put your work out there.
You’re in total control of who gets to see your work.
Share docs to web in two clicks
Password protect shared docs
Invite guests to collaborate on individual docs
Share to groups of workspace members
Sharing docs in Almanac
View transparent analytics on everything.
Insights and analytics on Almanac documents
Always have context into the current state of your documents and collaboration requests.
Track all the Reviews you’ve requested
See analytics on docs shared with Read Receipts
View a history of every edit made to a doc
Know if a user has viewed a doc or not
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