May 19, 2023
Doc Status, Custom Domains, and Toggle Blocks

Document Status

Is this doc a draft? Am I looking at the final version? Guess no more. We added a Document Status property so you can check the status of a doc in an instant. Take a look at your All Files page to see the new status column, or view the information panel on a specific doc.

By default, all docs will start with the "Draft" status. If you request a review, the status will automatically be updated to "In Review." If you request approval and get the official thumbs up, the status will change to "Approved." You can label docs as "Final" or "Deprecated" with the option to manually override the status at any time. Learn more about Properties.

Custom Domains

Make your Almanac workspace your own by connecting a custom domain or subdomain. As a workspace admin, you can find this option in your settings under "General & Appearance."

Going the custom domain route assumes you've already bought a domain and know how to configure your DNS. If that's not the case, the simpler option is to set up a custom subdomain directly in Almanac. Learn more about Custom Domains and Subdomains.

Toggle Blocks

Keep your docs easy to navigate with Toggle Blocks. Now you have the freedom to collapse content with as much or as little content, including lists, links, and other items. Find toggle blocks next to the list options in the Format toolbar or type /toggle​ for the shortcut. Learn more about Flexible Formatting.

Build Better Handbooks

  • We improved hover interactions for handbooks so it's easier to add items to your index and organize them into nested sections.
  • Catch up on those company policies on the go! We improved the responsiveness of handbooks on mobile.
  • You now have end-of-doc navigation to handbooks so you can quickly browse between docs and sections.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • ClickUp and Canva can now be embedded in docs.
  • Search filters are now accessible on mobile with a new drop down menu.
  • Don't lose track of to-dos! Now you'll receive email notifications for assigned tasks.
  • To cut down on clutter, we updated the Inbox to not send notifications for tasks that you assign yourself, those will live in the Tasks page.
  • We made a handful of table formatting improvements so you can stylize table cells to your heart's content.

Paper Cut Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with deleted docs showing up in search results. Good riddance!
  • We fixed an issue where changing colors on text would change the entire line or paragraph.
  • We fixed an issue with splitting up merged cells in a table. Divide 'em up as needed.
  • We fixed an issue with the Google login so it now redirects you to your workspace.
  • We fixed an issue with customizing fonts in your handbook settings.
  • We fixed an issue where adding a comment to text with gradients would remove the formatting. Fear not, gradients are here to stay!
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