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Github for docs.
Branch and merge docs just like code. Never use Confluence again.
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Github for docs branching
Why Developers love Almanac
Version Control
Command Line
Bi-directional mentions
Docs developers love.
Make your docs dynamic with inline code blocks, embeds, checklists, tables, and more.
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Doc developers love
The whole product feels as if a software engineer got really frustrated with documents and took lessons from writing code and moved them into writing documents.
Ilya Nekhay
Ilya Nekhay
Software Engineering Manager, Indeed
Power features
Put versions on temporary, linked versions to merge in.
Command Line
Edit, collaborate, and navigate without leaving your keyboard.
Multilingual code blocks
Code blocks support all major languages and 100+ visual styles.
Github integration
Embed issues and pull requests within your docs.
Stay organized with version control.
Version your docs for different milestones and keep track of edits with Track Changes.
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Version Control for docs
Almanac is like Notion, but fast, and with their git-like branch features, it’s built for all users to feel empowered to suggest changes to company documentation.
Matt Redler
Matt Redler
CEO of
The antidote to Zoom fatigue.
Eliminate meetings and Slack pings with asynchronous workflows for structured and transparent collaboration.
I love how collaborative Almanac feels compared to Notion.
Joao Beraldo
Joao Beraldo
Platform Lead, EQT Ventures
Documentation that scales.
Curate technical docs into handbooks that are one click away and easily updated.
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Hooli Developer Portal
Almanac is like MediaWiki meets Git meets Superhuman meets Google Docs. OMG this is amazing!
Travis Schwarzkopf photo
Travis Schwarzkopf
Senior Risk Control Consultant, Fractional Risk Management
Before Almanac
With Almanac
Choose between a great editing experience or great version control.
You get the best of both worlds.
Feedback is everywhere and gets lost in Slack, email, Confluence, or Github.
Feedback lives on the doc and is easily managed and tracked.
Documentation quickly goes out of date, is forgotten, and never gets used.
Anybody can suggest improvements on branches to improve documentation.
Create a Slack thread and ask people to emoji respond to acknowledge they’ve read a document.
Share a doc with Read Receipts to see analytics on who has (and hasn’t) read it.
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