Almanac vs. Google Docs

The Google Docs alternative that actually keeps your work & collaboration organized.

Almanac lets you create and collaborate on docs with power, speed, and organization.
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What former Google Docs users have to say

"Creating & updating playbooks for our sales team is incredibly easy in Almanac – super important as we scale and continually improve our strategy and tactics."

Ilya Nekhay
Aaron Thandi
Sr. Director, US Ad Sales at Tapjoy

"From a creation standpoint, Almanac is great experience. Super easy to put together a great-looking doc."

Joao Beraldo
Hiba Amin
Senior Marketing Manager at Soapbox

"While I have no shortage of tools for writing, every time I think about needing to create a playbook or strategy memo that I want others to critique seriously, I think of using Almanac."

Matt Redler
Jordan Wan
CEO of CloserIQ

Almanac vs. Google Docs

Google Docs was a pioneering product in 2006, bringing documents online and allowing people to collaborate on them.

The problem with Google Docs is the organization and collaboration around the documents is awful.

We hear it all the time:
"Our Google Drive is a mess."
"No one can ever find where the right doc is."
"Is v3_final the right one or is it final_jims_edits-v3finalfinal?"

We're different.

Almanac is a document editor with powerful version control that makes it easy to organize, revise, and reference your work.

Not only does Almanac have modern integrations that you expect and need, we give you the flexibility to organize docs however you like so you'll actually be able to find them.

Teams need modern solutions that fit how work happens today, not 2006.
Here are 5 unique things you can do in Almanac.
Embed dynamic content in docs.
Almanac docs support rich integrations, allowing you to embed content from Figma, Github, Miro, Youtube, Airtable, Twitter, Google Workspace products and many more.
Play, share, and expand videos
Zoom in and pan in Figma or Miro
Embed Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, & Forms
Add into docs as a link, card, or embed
Code blocks supporting 100 languages
Almanac document editor
Curate docs into wiki-like handbooks
Almanac activity feed
In addition to basic folder management, you can organize docs into company-wide or team specific handbooks.
Bulk edit access to handbook docs
Easily add and remove docs
Add collapsible sections and external links
Publish to the web
Manage versions with precise control.
Create branches to make a linked version of the doc to control where people can edit or leave feedback.
Merge versions together
Compare versions against each other
Control access to specific versions with granular permissions
View analytics on who has seen a version
Create a branch in Almanac
Stay on top of all your collaboration.
Almanac activity feed
Manage all the comments, suggestions, read receipts, and access requests in one place – the blazing-fast Inbox.
Quickly scroll through all notifications
Respond to or resolve comments
Mark docs as read
Give edit or comment access
Keep documentation up-to-date
Enable anyone with read access to a doc to propose changes on a branch without disturbing the original version. Doc owners can review and merge in suggested changes.
Crowdsource improvements without losing control
Track changes with visual markups
Accept or reject specific edits
Sharing docs in Almanac
All that and so much more
Request Reviews
Ask for feedback and approvals right from your editor.
Doc Analytics
See who has viewed your doc and made edits.
Share to Groups
Easily share docs or folders to groups of people.
Read Receipts
See visual markups of additions and deletions.
See all of your tasks in one place.
Add Properties
Add searchable metadata to documents.
Already have a Google Drive full of docs?
Easily import your Google Docs into Almanac.
Import Notion pages into Almanac
When it comes to Google Docs alternatives, Almanac is #1.
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